This Easily Absorbed Form of B Vitamin may help autism and ADHD

Vitamin B12 can be considered as a family of vitamins. In fact, it consists of five different family members, which are equipped with unique properties. Out of these vitamin types, Methylcobalamin B12 has received a lot of attention because of its ability to activate methionine biochemical pathway. This would result in an enhanced supply of fuel to your brain.

b12 methylcobalamin
b12 methylcobalamin


Vitamin B12 combines with folic acid in order to make the cells within your body. It plays a vital role in methylation as well. This process is responsible for incorporating genetic materials to your body cells. Vitamin B12 is being used to treat a variety of health issues because of its unique properties. Autism and ADHD are two popular examples to prove the above mentioned fact.

The relationship between Vitamin B12 and ADHD was analyzed by Dr. Richard Deth, who is a neuropharmacologist in Northeastern University. In fact, he conducted a research to figure out how Vitamin B12 can assist the people who suffer from neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, ADHD and Autism. Through this study, he figured out that Vitamin B12 has the potential to treat ADHD in an effective manner. Children who suffer from ADHD find it as a hard task to incorporate methyl into the body cells. This can keep them away from the process of methylation. However, Vitamin B12 is in a position to facilitate it and deliver an effective treatment to ADHD.

Vitamin B12 can be defined as a water-soluble vitamin and it can be purchased in many different forms such as sublingual, nasal, gel and oral. Out of these forms, the best results can be obtained when it is given subcutaneously. That’s because b12 methylcobalamin delivered to the body through this method gets absorbed directly to the blood stream. The dosage of Vitamin B12 is pretty much a standard for all the children. However, it depends on the clinical response as well. Initially, twice a week dosage regimen is being provided and the parents are encouraged to give it shortly after when the kid falls asleep. The injection should be given to the upper quadrant of buttocks. Measurable results can be experienced after about four doses, which will be completed within two weeks.

Vitamin B12 supplementation has delivered promising results to children who suffer from ADHD or Autism. It can deliver a tremendous language and speech improvement. The children will be able to increase the vocabulary on their own and use complex sentences. It can also contribute towards emotional expression and socialization of children. Vitamin B12 can also enhance the supply of melatonin to the body. This can give your child the opportunity to experience a better sleep. All the behavioral symptoms of autism can be eliminated with Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin and the delivered results would last for a long period of time. Therefore, it can be recommended to any child who suffers from ADHD or autism as a successful treatment option.