The Health Benefits of Relieving Stress for Children and Adults

There are many disorders and sicknesses that must pop up in the lives of children and adults, some of which require medication, and some of which can be treated naturally with other treatment options. One of these exciting options that can offer a lot of benefits to both adults and children is massage. You have probably heard of one or two of these benefits that can enter your life upon using this kind of treatment, but there are many more waiting for you to take advantage of them. Here’s a great list to get you started off right.

massage benefits
massage benefits


1. Weight gain in infants
For those babies that are born prematurely or underweight for various reasons, massage in combination with cuddling from the mother can help an infant gain the weight that is needed to keep him/her in good health for the time to come. By a professional who is trained in child and baby massage therapy, it can make the difference in critical weight gain in babies and young children who need to gain it to stay healthy.

2. Stress relief
In adults and children alike, stress relief is another great benefit of massage. This is partially because stress is something that we all feel, but it more importantly because massage targets the muscles and helps them release endorphins, the chemicals that make us feel relaxed and happy. By applying massage in the right places, you will also notice that the production of cortisol – the stress hormone – is reduced as well, a must if you are looking for relief from stress and anxiety emotionally as well as physically.

In fact, massage is often used as part of a proper treatment plan for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Used alongside medications or other kinds of natural therapy, a nice compromise can be found between anxiety and a peaceful life.

3. Improved skin health
A great benefit for those with aging faces and skin in general is the fact that regular massages in your life will improve your skin tone and add moisture to a layer of skin that is losing it. This is done by increased circulation which will allow the skin to heal from any daily damage of wear and tear. Additionally, the tension in your skin will be reduced, giving you a more relaxed feel and comfort that additionally makes you look younger.

4. Better workouts
With massage serving as a presence in your life, you’ll notice that your muscles will be looser, your joints more comfortable, and your body in better shape overall. This will allow you to have great workouts that will allow you to really get the most out of them. If you are someone who enthuses about exercise or health and are looking to make the most out of both, this is a great aid that can help you push yourself further and enjoy the burn.

It also means that you will recuperate faster from injuries or from strains that come from excess exercise, allowing you to get back to the gym quicker and in better form. Read about Stretch yourself with a good Sports Massage.

5. Reduced headaches and other pain
Headaches from tension, stress, frustration or bad circulation are common. As are backaches and all sorts of other aches and pains. If you are looking for treatment for these, you’ll find massage therapy to be quite the helping hand. It will allow you to find relief from these kinds of aches and pains quickly but also with lasting results that will help you to feel much better about your body and its aches and pains. For those that are struggling with these chronically, it can be the difference between living on medication to not, and this is something that more and more people are finding is working for them. The right relationship between massage provider and patient is all it takes to find a balance that works.

6. Better mental focus
Yes, you read the correctly. You’ll be more relaxed, happier and free from pain, so you’ll be able to notice a good amount of mental focus in terms of hard tasks as well as those menial ones that distract you easily. This is great for those with 1000 things on their “to do list”, as you can work through it at a faster rate that will go hand in hand with a job well done -better due to the increased focus all that you are doing.

For those in school or working in high stress jobs, this will help you get more done and stay calmer about it all, which in turn will make you more productive, too. It’s a circle that will give you all sorts of benefits to learn from and use to your advantage.

7. Great for natural treatment
A benefit that needs more explaining, massage can be the difference between medication or not in some cases. You will be able to have the advantage of natural treatment and reducing medication for pain or anxiety, or even go off of it all together if that is what catches your interest and your motivation level.

It will help improve your quality of life and bring you relief from the various ailments that you are suffering from, whether you look at it on a regular basis or just once in a while.

Massage has been improving the quality of life for many people for a long time, and if you are looking to shake up your life in a positive and fruitful way, this may be the best option for you. Take a look at everything that it can give you and get ready to make all of these benefits happen in your life. You’ll love the results and it’s all with the knowledge that you are using natural treatment instead of/before you jump to the medications that are so readily available to us all. Massage may be exactly the therapy that you need.


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