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Congenital Heart Disease In Kids

No mother or father wants to hear that their child has congenital heart disease. It is a serious diagnoses that sends parents of all ages and levels of experience into a tailspin. What you have to remember, if this diagnosis comes to you or someone you love, is that this isn’a death sentence. In fact, it’s far from it. Kids with congenital heart disease lead regular lives the same as everyone else, and there are lots of medical aid options out there to help the child have a good and profitable life. The first thing you need to do with a diagnosis is learn more about it, and then understand that alternative therapies can give children (and families) a lot to fight back with.

What is congenital heart disease?
Essentially, this just means that the heart was not able to form perfectly when the baby was developing. With modern medicine changing the way it has been lately, doctors are able to see that congenital heart disease is possible at an early stage, so a plan can be put into place well before the baby is born. This will give peace to both the parents and the doctor. When the baby is born, treatment can be done on whatever congenital heart defect the baby is born with.

What kinds of treatment are there?
There are conventional treatments available for infants with congenital heart disease, many of which can be done at a young age so that their lives are as normal as possible. The babies with the most severe cases tend to be treated as early as possible with surgeries so that their defects are maintained and controlled at as early an age as possible. That being said, there are many children with heart defects that don’t need to be treated with surgery. There are many alternative therapies out there can present kids with a great way to cope with their diagnosis and still be healthy children.

How is alternative therapy beneficial?
In mild cases where surgery isn’t required, there are a lot of benefits to exploring the possibility of alternative therapies. These are beneficial to children because the therapy is for them in particular. They are designed to promote relaxation, being in control of your own life, and finding a release from worrying about this lifelong disorder that will require their attention from the first to the last of their days.

Since this disease is in children, alternative therapies work better simply because children are more open to ideas. They aren’t close minded against a therapy doesn’t require medication, and they are optimistic that is going to work from the start, unlike adults who have already formed opinions and biases.

Since children are more creative, alternative therapies present a way for them to explore that creativity in a way that also helps them cope with the fear, confusion and uncertainty that comes with having a congenital heart defect.

Examples of alternative therapies
So, now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about this disease and the alternative therapies that present another option to children that are trying to to do their best to stay calm in this scary world, it’s time to look at the top four examples of these alternative therapies and how they are able to help:

Art Therapy
This one may seem strange, but it helps children a lot with coming to terms with their diagnosis, understanding what it is and how it works, and understanding that their lives are going to be just as enjoyable as everyone else’s lives. Art is a way for children to express what they can’t yet explain with words, especially at a young age, so it’s been beneficial to children of all ages and personalities so that the therapist can explain these feelings to the parents.

This kind of therapy is done with scents that are either inhaled or put on the skin. This combined with mantras and other kinds of positive reinforcement allows the child to find some peace and some positive thinking that will help them come to terms with their condition and what to do about it.

Massage Therapy
Alternative in definition, but not by practice, massage therapy works well with children, because the therapist can offer relaxation and muscle strengthening of the heart so that there are physical benefits to the therapy, as well as emotional and stress relief. The heart is a muscle, which means that massaging it and stretching it out is really good for its development as well as relief from any symptoms that do persist. It is noninvasive and full of benefits on all levels for physical and emotional relief.

Music Therapy
Music therapy presents the child with positive thinking and a chance to relax and get away from the outside world that is full of unknowns. It also gives them a creative outlet, similar to the art therapy that we discussed earlier. The minds and souls of children must be properly taken care of so that they can develop properly in the future, including their personalities and creative abilities. This allows them to explore the creativity and get positive reinforcement with the right kinds of music and guidance from licensed therapists.

Congenital heart disease and heart defects don’t mean a death sentence for children of any age. It means that children have to receive certain kinds of therapy will allow them to feel as though they are in charge of their lives and they they understand their disorder but can still find some enjoyment in life. Since children need to be positive and happy, these alternative therapies present a way for them to find that happiness in honest ways that speak to each one individually. Surgery may be there for severe cases, but alternative therapies can be there for all of them on whatever stage the child is at. It’s a serious option to consider for your child, as there are all sorts of benefits to be gained.